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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Everyone Get Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Most people can get teeth whitening treatment. However, no treatment to people under sixteen-year-olds, pregnant or breastfeeding mums.

How long does the treatment take?

Please allow for 1.5 hours for the appointment.

Some treatments are better done over 2 days.

Where are you based?

Our main teeth whitening boutique is in Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, we also have a boutique at  53a Springfield Road, Springfield, Rotorua.

How does teeth whitening work?

Tooth Staining

Tooth colour is influenced by a combination of organic and inorganic stains found on the surface and inside the teeth (Intrinsic and extrinsic stains). This means stains inside the tooth and on the outside of the tooth.

These discolourations can be the result of several factors

  • Diet (drinking coffee, tea or red wine)
  • Lifestyle choices (smoking)
  • Age
  • Exposure to certain medications (such as tetracycline or fluoride).


Whitening Process

Tooth whitening is the process of breaking apart chemical bonds in these organic and inorganic stain-causing compounds. Through the application of a peroxide-based whitening gel to the teeth. Either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide can be used.

Because carbamide requires an extra step to break down into the more reactive hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide products are typically used for short daytime use and carbamide peroxide is used for longer overnight periods.

In order to provide the most rapid and effective whitening treatment, BEYOND Osmo Spa select whitening gels containing hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient.

In recent years, new technological advances have pushed teeth whitening to a new level with the combination of peroxide-based agents with light sources. These have been designed to accelerate the chemical redox reactions of the whitening process.

Beyond Treatment

During the 60-minute BEYOND Osmo Spa select treatment, you can expect the combination of a 6% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel Intense, halogen light source. These oxides rapidly the organic discolourations found on the surface and inside the teeth. Rendering those stains neutral in colour and resulting in a brighter appearance. At the same time, our proprietary gel formula gently polishes the surface of the teeth.

The result is a white, shiny smile with years of stains from food, drinks, and cigarettes erased after one-hour long treatment.

Why do some people experience sensitivity during the treatment?

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity occurs when the whitening gel travels too far into the teeth during the treatment and irritates the nerves in the teeth. This is a temporary side effect from the treatment, and no permanent damage is caused, but for some clients, it can be extremely unpleasant and painful.

The strength and percentage of the whitening gel have a direct correlation with the client's sensitivity. In-office dental systems often use higher percentage whitening gels and these can cause sensitivity in clients with certain tooth conditions.

Our Product and Correct Application

BEYOND Osmo Spa uses a 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening formula. This is the recommended over the the-counter limit for controlling sensitivity among clients. Any higher strength gel than this will result in more cases of sensitivity from the whitening treatment.

Also, accurate application of the whitening gel is also important in minimizing contact between the gums and the whitening gel. The BEYOND Osmo Spa treatment utilizes a cheek retractor to hold the lips back from the surface of the teeth. Therefore, when applying the whitening gel along the gum line, the gel should not actually come into contact with the gums during the treatment at all.

What is the difference between LED, UV, and Halogen lights?

BEYOND Osmo Spa Accelerator system uses real power whitening technology. The foundation of our technology is the use of a powerful halogen light source. Clinical trials have determined that halogen light sources produce significantly superior whitening results that both LED and plasma arc light. As a result, making BEYOND Osmo Spa Accelerator the most powerful cosmetic teeth whitening system currently available.

BEYOND Osmo Spa Accelerator contains an advanced filtration system designed to remove all harmful heat and UV light. Light from the BEYOND Osmo Spa Accelerator lamp is filtered through over 12.000 optical fibers and 30 layers of coated optical glass before accelerating the whitening process. With this system in place, BEYOND Osmo Spa delivers an intense, tailored beam of blue light without the risk of UV exposure and sensitivity associated with other whitening systems.

Are you qualified?

Bright Bite NZ is registered with the NZCTWA (The New Zealand Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association) Teeth Whitening Practitioners.

This provides you with the assurance that you are dealing with a professionally trained, qualified and safe Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Practitioner.

Together with experience and qualifications, your practitioner takes pride in the quality of their service and care for you.


After treatment how do I keep my teeth white?

At the end of the appointment each person will receive:

Take Home pack that includes a Pearl White Whitening Toothpaste & Beyond Osmo Premium Formula Teeth Whitening Pen.

This Teeth Whitening Pen contains a 30 day supply to help you maintain your pearly whites.

The take home pack is valued at $40.

Note: This excludes the Returning Customer (Refresh your smile) appointment.