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We have customers throughout the Bay of Plenty who trust us to make their teeth sparkle, to bronze their bodies and make their eyelashes flutter. 

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Vouchers for Teeth whitening would be a great gift idea for whānau and friends.

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Teeth Whitening need to knows!

Cold soars and mouth ulcers – please seek dentist or GP input prior to getting/ considering teeth whitening

On the day, our job is not only to produce your whitest natural smile, but also to ensure you feel informed, safe and comfortable.  Before the Procedure, you will get a free consultation.

For the first 24 hours following your teeth whitening the microscopically opened ‘pores’ in your teeth enamel make them more susceptible to re-staining, which is why we recommend a “White diet” for 24-hours.

If you have any tongue piercings, it will need to be removed 24 hours prior to you coming to the clinic, and for a further 24 hours.

Sun bed need to knows!

Spray Tan need to knows!